Social responsibility

In 2017, there were 173 members employed by us as personnel in different work positions, from direct customer contacts to support functions.

The investment of each of our employees, customers and owners is significant and important for us. Therefore we carry social responsibility each day of the year.

97% of our personnel have permanent employment relationships.

Social responsibility refers to the student services of the HYY Group, occupational well-being and competence of the personnel, a good work environment, advancing equality based on the guidelines in the equality plan, open and supportive leadership culture, creating primarily permanent employment relationships for tasks that are not dependent on the season or projects, open interaction with customers, taking cultural diversity into consideration in business operations, considering the accessibility and quality of the services and products, providing alternatives, and selecting cooperation partners who engage in responsible operations.

Zero accidents

UniCafe has been one of the companies in the restaurant sector to participate in the Zero Accident Forum run by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health since 2007. The membership supports our long-term aspiration for constant advancement of occupational safety, and it is also a good way to raise in a concrete way the real desire of the management and personnel in improving occupational safety and striving for the goal of zero accidents.

Zero Accidents thinking is gradual and determined education towards accident-free work. We learn from all accidents and close call situations by reviewing the events with personnel and agreeing on changes in procedures in order to map the risks in our operations and to prevent accidents in the future.


Responsibility competition

Dynamic operations is one the values of the HYY Group. This means listening to and hearing our customers, personnel, owners and the environment.

As one example of this, the HYY Group companies look for ways of engaging in more responsible operations with the annual idea competition.

The competition welcomes suggestions for measures aimed at the development of environmental issues as well as for development of social, cultural and economic responsibility.

Not alone but together

The HYY Group companies work in several different fields and their interest groups are very different. A common factor is the Student Union of the University of Helsinki and its members. As members of the Student Union, students are the owners of the HYY Group and as users of its services, they are customers of the Group.

The customer groups of the companies in the HYY Group vary depending on the field of operations. In addition to the students and universities and the university personnel, our companies serve, for example, real estate lessees, hostel guests, organisers of festivities and events and their clients. A common goal is maintaining open interaction regarding the services, their quality and customers’ wishes and needs that is satisfactory for all parties. Customers’ voices are heard, for example, through customer satisfaction surveys and customer feedback. There are also different methods for customer interaction depending on the operational field, such as campus-specific restaurant committees.

The companies of the HYY Group select responsible goods suppliers and other cooperation partners. Only HPL authorised employment agencies are used as cooperation partners.

Furthermore, our companies engage in close cooperation with public authorities, the City, the media and investors. The aim is open discussion and interaction.