Economic responsibility

The HYY Group consists of the business operations of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki. From an economic point of view, we emphasise responsibility towards our owners in particular, as well as long-term operations.

Last year, we allocated 2,7 M€ for the Student Union’s activities.

In terms of finances, our aim is to provide a constant and equal distribution of profits for the Student Union. With the distribution of profits by the HYY Group, the Student Union can operate in a financially independent manner and advance its own goals.

The basis for our strong economy is renting out business premises in the centre of Helsinki. In addition, we operate in areas that are close to the every-day life of students: restaurant and accommodation fields. The HYY Group’s investment operations serve as a leader for responsible investing in Finland.

We aim to show the way through our example.



FIBS is the leading corporate responsibility network in Finland, and the HYY Group is an active member of the network.

FIBS aims to help companies discover their competitive edge in responsible operations: it provides information on trends in corporate responsibility, best practices as well as tools, and offers companies the possibility to exchange information and experiences and learn and create new ideas together with different interest groups.

Responsibility offers a competitive edge when a company can offer something that its competitors do not have. New opportunities for business operations are easiest to find when responsibility is the foundation for a business. By developing solutions to social problems, the company can respond to the expectations of customers, personnel and investors and distinguish itself from its competitors.



In the autumn 2009, a group of parties who had signed the UN’s principles for responsible investment – HYY Group among them – gathered to discuss the need to establish a party that would actively promote responsible investment in Finland. These parties represented an investment asset of more than EUR 250 million. As a result of the discussion, Finsif, Finland’s Sustainable Investment Forum, was established in the summer 2010. There were 18 founding members, among them the HYY Group.