Environmental responsibility

It is said that responsibility begins when obligations end. At the HYY Group, we wish to take those extra steps from the point of view of the environment towards real responsibility.

We reduce our ecological footprint and climate emissions by considering the environmental aspects of used raw materials, products and packaging, and by minimising the amount of waste, efficient recycling and paying attention to the consumption of energy and water. In addition, environmental impacts will be taken into consideration in our operations and all of our acquisitions, and we also advance environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building and renovation solutions and help our personnel and customers become familiar with environmental concerns.

What do we do in practice?

Ecology is a growing trend in tourism

Hostel Domus Academica is a summer hotel managed by the HYY Group, with 326 rooms offered to a large range of travellers from congress guests to backpackers. We wish to show that ecological acts can also be done when travelling.

Environmental responsibility serves as the basis for developing tourism operations and it is an important selection criterion for many people when selecting accommodation. We work in order to develop as local operators in an international operating environment.

As a demonstration of this, Hostel Domus Academica has been the first in Finland to initiate calculations and compensation for the carbon footprint.

In addition to compensation, at Hostel Domus Academica being ecological means making responsible choices throughout—from breakfast using organic and local food and Fair Trade products to a personnel orientation process requiring their full commitment.

Small things that form a large whole

As a demonstration of its commitment to environmental issues, our restaurants has been granted an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. One of the most significant environmental considerations of the restaurant operations is reducing the amount of biowaste.

In the restaurants, a fifth of the food meant for consumption ends up as biowaste. Food loss is created in the restaurant kitchens in connection with preparing the food, and as leftover food when serving especially in food courts, as well as diners’ leftovers.


An apron for future talent

There are over 170 professionals from different fields working for the HYY Group, from culinary geniuses to IT wizards. We recruit annually a significant number of talented professionals, and we believe that we have to earn them.

To create a basis for the future, we recycled work clothes no longer in use in the UniCafe student restaurants for the use of youth workshops.

Youth workshops are internship positions meant for under 29-year-old, unemployed young people. Developing the contents for the youth workshop activities is a part of the youth unit operations of the Ministry of Education and Culture. In terms of youth work, the workshops offer a place for young people to learn life skills, grow into adulthood as well as for communal growth and getting hands-on work experience.

Green office

The HYY Group office has observed the WWFs Green Office environmental system since 2006. The programme aims to reduce the environmental burden, attaining savings, preventing the environmental effects of the operations and slowing down climate change through developing one’s own operations.

With Green Office, we maintain and develop our environmental programme and commit our personnel to function in accordance with environmental principles.

Versatile waste sorting is a part of the routine at our office, as well as acquiring office supplies that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We influence energy efficiency by selecting solutions that are as efficient as possible from an environmentally technical and economical point of view. We centralise our printing, using two-sided black-and-white printing as the basic setting. We compensate our consumption in terms of flight travel and electricity consumption. Nearly every employee travels using public transport. We participate annually in the Energy Saving Week and the Earth Hour, as well as the Green Office study on consumer habits of personnel.