Cultural responsibility

The HYY Group lives strongly in the moment. We have never been afraid to take bold first steps when searching for new operational models for responsible business operations. By creating something new, we can maintain the wonderful Finnish history that surrounds us.

Cultural responsibility refers to looking after buildings and works of art that have cultural historical and architectural value, implementing construction and renovation projects with regard to the city image and architecture and taking care of Finnish food culture.

In addition to the examples mentioned on this page, you can familiarise yourself with our operations more closely on our companies’ own websites.

Kaivotalo, Citytalo, Hansatalo, Uusi and Vanha Ylioppilastalo are the heart of Helsinki.


Green building council

The basis for our strong economic situation is renting out business premises in the centre of Helsinki. The rental area around Kaivopiha is approximately 32,700 m2 and at Domus it is approximately 14,300 m2.

Kaivotalo, Citytalo, Hansatalo and the New and Old Student Houses are landmarks, and maintaining them with regard to their unique history is not only business for us, but an honour.

Sustainable development is increasingly emphasised everywhere in the fields of real estate and construction. Actors in the field have seen it as necessary to tighten cooperation and to create uniform practices. For this reason, GBC Suomi ry (Green Building Council Finland / GBC Finland) was established in Finland on April 19, 2010.

Finnish culinary culture

UniCafe has offered 65 years of products and services that improve the lives of university students and personnel both in every-day life as well at times of celebration. This basic mission has not changed through the years, but today we evaluate our operations and decisions from several different perspectives.

In addition to the quality and taste of food, responsibility aspects have been raised to a greater extent, whether they are related to the origin of the food, the well-being of personnel or environmental concerns. By taking these aspects into consideration in our operations, we believe that our services and products are even better for consumption than before, and on this basis we do our part to develop Finnish culinary culture and restaurant operations in the coming years.