Responsible operations

Responsibility is one of the core values of the HYY Group. Together with our other values – long-term commitment and dynamic operations – it creates a strong foundation for our business operations.

Responsible operations are outlined in the HYY ownership strategy and business strategy for the HYY Group.


Our motives

  • Over the long-term, business operations are dependent on the well-being of the Earth
  • Responsible business operations and leadership create the conditions for the long-term development of business operations and the well-being of the work community
  • Responsible business operations make it possible to maintain and develop a positive corporate image


Our goals

  • Our operations are responsible in terms of society, culture, the economy and the environment
  • Responsibility is a part of daily business operations on all levels of our organisations. In business, it is important to find those authentic factors in our society that remain as part of the operational culture
  • Together with other responsible operators, we actively influence the birth of good practices in our society
  • Our goal is to make responsibility a lasting competitive asset for the HYY Group


HYY - responsible business.

Responsible operations is not merely about words, it is routine for our business operations.

We observe the implementation of the operations with different indicators, as well as through external auditing. Our partners include Green Office, UN Global Compact and Bureau Veritas. Our restaurants have also received the environmental certification ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2008 certification for quality standard.

On these pages, we open up our operations through the choices that we make daily in order to stand proudly behind our slogan. “Responsible HYY business operations.”