Our core values

All business operations of the HYY Group are strongly reliant on our responsibility and values.

We work daily in order to fulfil the promises we have made to our customers, owners, interest groups and work community.


Long-term commitment

The Group secures sustainable and long-term growth in the value of the Student Union’s assets. The Group’s operations are result-orientated and risk-taking is moderate.


The Group operates in a responsible manner and is open about its activities. The Group actively promotes the development of responsible business operations in Finland. The Group operates according to the goals and ideals of its owner. The Group is an encouraging, inspiring and supportive work environment for its employees and owner’s representatives.

Dynamic operations

The Group reacts with flexibility and efficiency to changes in the operational environment. The Group creates partnerships that benefit all parties. The Group seeks renewal without sacrificing its long-term commitment. The Group listens to its customers and owners and changes its operations in a flexible manner according to feedback. The Group understands that being proactive at creating something new also requires proactiveness at letting go of the old.