About the HYY Group

The HYY Group is a versatile corporate group owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.

We wish to show, by setting an example, that high-quality and productive corporate activity can be performed in a responsible manner in terms of society, culture, the economy and the environment.

Profits from business operations are distributed to the Student Union to its activities.

26 500 owners.

All undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Helsinki are members of the Student Union of the University of Helsinki – altogether 26,500 people.

The Student Union is divided into two parts:

• Student activity, which looks after students’ benefits and the operations of student organisations

• Business operations, which are responsible for corporate and investment operations

These business operations have been gathered under the umbrella of the HYY Group. We have a great investment in the real estate, investment, accommodation and restaurant. We are owned by the students.


The Group operates particularly in those fields that are close to students’ lives.


In 2017, our net sales amounted to EUR 31.1 million.


The Student Union finances its operations through business activity, i.e. the profits from the HYY Group, as well as membership fees. In recent years, the share of membership fees has been a third of the operational funding.

In 2017, our net sales amounted to EUR 31.1 million and profit before extraordinary items was EUR 9.0 million. We had 173 members as personnel in 2017.