The HYY Group is a versatile corporate group owned by the Student Union of the University of Helsinki.

We wish to show, by setting an example, that high-quality and productive corporate activity can be performed in a responsible manner in terms of society, culture, the economy and the environment.

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Rent business premises in the heart of Helsinki

HYY Real Estate offers high-quality business premises in the centre of Helsinki and Etu-Töölö.

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Eat well in the UniCafe restaurants

Helsinki area has a total of 16 UniCafe student restaurants. We offer tasty lunches, refreshing drinks, delicious pastries and healthy snacks to enjoy on a daily basis.

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The biggest hostel in Finland opens at Domus in the summer

15 future professionals in the field of hospitality and customer service, 326 rooms, 92 days.


Hostel Domus Academica

Our shared goal

An excellent personnel restaurant and a service concept that supports the customer needs are based on partnership. HYY Restaurants brings fresh seasonal tastes and high national standard food to meet our customers’ needs.

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